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Society Wants You to Hide Your Pain?

Yeah, we’re going to have another week of mental health posts.  I know this is an author blog, but I think touching on these topics is a good thing.  People need to speak out about mental health and have discussions … Continue reading

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The Pain of Being Told ‘Just Be Positive’

You might not be surprised to learn that I am a negative person.  Pessimism tends to be my default if I’m stressed, tired, or not paying attention to my surroundings.  Comes from many things, but I’m not getting into that.  … Continue reading

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Truth Behind the Characters

While thinking about how much I reveal about myself, I began thinking the same toward my characters.  There’s an odd balance between what they show to the audience and what is kept under the surface.  The trick is to know … Continue reading

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Stick to Your Lie

Monday Poetry Prompt from We Drink Because We’re Poets. Up is up and down is down Unless you turn it all around I point to the sky Declaring it as left Up has been retired Right is front And down … Continue reading

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So Jamie’s Got a Gun (Part 2 of Weapons in Writing Series)

I know I said I would be posting these on Wednesday, but I couldn’t let this one wait.  I know practically nothing about firearms.  I stick to medieval weaponry in my books, so I’ve never had to research.  TJ Therien … Continue reading

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Why is the Artist Tortured?

I know I should keep writing my drama novella, especially since I spent the morning running errands.  Sadly, I couldn’t find a Pumbaa doll for my son who wants a warthog, but the Disney Store just got a plushie shipment. … Continue reading

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