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End of an Era . . . Okay, Just the End of Spring Break

First rant: Why in all of reality did it get cold again?  It was warm and nice a week ago, but now it’s back to jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  Worst part is that the changes happen overnight, so you go … Continue reading

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So, How Is 2019 Treating Me? I’ll Get Back to You

Does 2019 feel any different than 2018?  Not really since everything from last year has basically carried over.  It would be nice if the ball dropping in Times Square set off a spell that gave everyone a clean slate in … Continue reading

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Plans for 2019 . . . Not As Deep As I’d Hoped

I wish I had a more complicated plan than what I’m about to write.  Many authors have declared that they are going to reach various milestones.  I’m still working on getting back to a level of stability, so I don’t … Continue reading

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Gyah! Where Did My Cursor Go?

Seriously, I hit one button on my laptop and my cursor shot off to the right like it remembered that it left the stove on . . . for the last week.  It’s back now, but I don’t trust the … Continue reading

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A Job Has Been Gained and the Balancing Act Gets More Harrowing!

The title really says it all.  I got called back about a full-time Teaching Assistant job, which I go in Monday morning to learn more about.  It will be a one-on-one position that, barring an unexpected hiccup during Monday’s board … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Pinged Off the Crossbar and Hit a Mascot

I don’t know how to categorize this week.  Things happened, but I haven’t heard back about the potential job. Not surprising since schools were closed on Tuesday for the election and Wednesday for Diwali.  The waiting is always the worst … Continue reading

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Wow! That Was Unexpected!

I’m going to be trying my best to not ‘count all my chickens before they hatch’ like I keep getting told not to do.  Still, this week took a wild turn right at the beginning.  The original plan was to … Continue reading

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