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Unhappy Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year again . . . Let’s just get to the funnies while we try to get our acts together.

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Goal Post: Don’t Look at Last Week

Yeah.  Let’s not look at the goals I set for this past week.  Homework with son, puzzles, and tax stuff were the only accomplishments.  It took me all week to write one chapter section because of what I’m going to … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Darwin Slepsnor

(Totally forgot that I did a poem on Darwin Slepsnor.  He’s definitely evolved a bit since I did this poem.  For one thing, I made him a little chubby and gave him a plan.  This poem is accidentally insulting at … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Blitzkrieg of Alarms

(Written after an insanely noisy night.  How anyone else in the house slept through that is beyond me.) Singing bird outside my window. Joined by honking horns. Sirens blaring two streets down. Setting off three barking dogs. A pair of … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Few Days into Spring Break

(Love this song.  Though, it’s messing with my head a bit.  Keeps giving me odd blips of nostalgia and old memories if I let my mind wander to it.) Where to start?  A lot has happened since my last goal … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A New Set of Outlines . . . Also Life

I’m writing this Friday night after going out to a late birthday dinner with a friend.  We delayed it to allow me to have more time with my son.  Anyway, that means I’m really tired, but still writing this to … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Thanksgiving Came and Went!

This week was totally berserk.  Every day had a twist that turned all plans on their heads and made me wondering what was coming next.  Some of these incidents were caused by Covid-19, which I think is getting worse around … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Made It Through the First Quarter . . . 25 More To Go?

This was the last week of the quarter, which had Veterans Day smack in the middle.  It was a nice reprieve and I had my son, so we got to have fun.  We might even have another art post coming … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Bed Shoppe: Putting ‘Z’ in Salez . . . We Can’t Afford a Proofreader

Welcome to our popular bed store.  Please feel free to try any model that you want.  We have hammocks, cots, bunk beds, full, twin, queen, king, water, canopied, adjustable, futons, race cars, Murphy, trundle, air mattresses, day, sleigh, and . … Continue reading

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End of an Era . . . Okay, Just the End of Spring Break

First rant: Why in all of reality did it get cold again?  It was warm and nice a week ago, but now it’s back to jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  Worst part is that the changes happen overnight, so you go … Continue reading

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