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Midday Booster: Covid vs Allergies Memes

I have really bad allergies this time of year.  It’s usually a raspy cough and trouble breathing, which makes people think cold or pneumonia.  At least that’s how it used to go before 2020.  Now, I have strangers looking at … Continue reading

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An Attempt at Bringing Smiles: Pandemic Memes

This is a tough one because my own sense of humor is pretty shot.  I feel like there is bad news every few days.  Probably not wrong there.  Keep in mind that I’m in New York, which has an enormous … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I was going to post a new collection of completed puzzles, but I didn’t finish in time.  Then, I thought about what to do and realized it was Mother’s Day.  Don’t worry.  I got a card and gift already.  So, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! (Derailing Bedlam Will Continue Next Week!)

I considered continuing the story since we’re almost at the end.  Not sure what to do with Thursdays once ‘Derailing Bedlam’ is through in November/December.  I don’t have any other novels or short stories to put up since the rest … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Bed Shoppe: Putting ‘Z’ in Salez . . . We Can’t Afford a Proofreader

Welcome to our popular bed store.  Please feel free to try any model that you want.  We have hammocks, cots, bunk beds, full, twin, queen, king, water, canopied, adjustable, futons, race cars, Murphy, trundle, air mattresses, day, sleigh, and . … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Being an Effective Spymaster

So, I’ve asked Kai Stavros from War of Nytefall: Rivalry to give some tips on being a spymaster.  He doesn’t really want to share his secrets or be out in public, so he gave me a list.  It was written into … Continue reading

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The Oddest Powers of War of Nytefall

As I get closer to publishing War of Nytefall: Rivalry, I’ve been thinking about the powers of the various vampires.  The Vampire Queen herself has a few odd abilities, but I can’t go into that.  There are plenty of others I … Continue reading

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