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A Little Dizzy Here

This explains how my week went even more than you may realize.  I thought this meme would already exist.  If it does, I couldn’t find it, so I had to figure out how to make it myself.  Used it quite … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A New Set of Outlines . . . Also Life

I’m writing this Friday night after going out to a late birthday dinner with a friend.  We delayed it to allow me to have more time with my son.  Anyway, that means I’m really tired, but still writing this to … Continue reading

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Chest in a Vise Week

There’s no other way to describe it because my week ended with me feeling like my chest was stuck in a vise.  Drama in every direction.  This is coming off a break, so I might have had my defenses down.  … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Winter Break Lived Up to Its Name

Well, it was certainly a break from work and school.  It was also cold and we got some snow, so it felt like winter.  Can’t complain about that since I live in New York, so we expect that weather.  Been … Continue reading

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A Week with Snow and Shovels

Okay, this week didn’t go exactly as planned.  I can’t even be sure of how I fell a little behind on the writing side of things.  Not enough that it destroys me, but I’m simply confused.  Time may have gotten … Continue reading

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Final Goal Post of 2019: Ending on a Break

(Maybe I used this video before recently, but I really like the song. Began rewatching the series during lunch this week.) Well, here we are. Staring at the end of the 20 teens and about to step foot into the … Continue reading

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Goal Post: My Future Life as a Puddle

Last week was the when I finally got to have some full days of the summer job. To everyone who thought I could get any writing in, you were GRAVELY mistaken.  I arrive around 7:20 in the morning when I … Continue reading

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If You’re Reading This, I’m at a Bookstore

Seriously, I’m probably already at Barnes & Noble with my birthday money.  All I really wanted was a paperback copy of ‘Ready Player One’ since I loved the movie.  I highly recommend people see it, especially if they were growing … Continue reading

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A Time to Nap

 Muscles ache And thoughts limp along The week has not been kind Brutal in its hours With deadlines at your heels A break comes within sight Glistening on the horizon Blocked by papers appointments And traffic forged from Hell Even … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Maintaining Your Break: Like I Should Talk?

One of the toughest things about getting a break is that you don’t always know what to do with it.  I’m not talking a vacation where everything is planned out.  Those have a schedule and act like a reward at … Continue reading

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