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Goal Post: Thanksgiving Came and Went!

This week was totally berserk.  Every day had a twist that turned all plans on their heads and made me wondering what was coming next.  Some of these incidents were caused by Covid-19, which I think is getting worse around … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Funnies

I’m actually setting this post up in July.  Hey, I should be in the middle of Grad School, parenting, working, and sleeping an hour a day, so it had to be done.  Also, I’m curious to see how Thanksgiving works … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Week of Food, Fun, and a Harsh Anniversary

This was a busy week because of Thanksgiving.  It meant there were only three school days, which was primarily spent preparing for the Wednesday feast.  That was a lot of fun, especially when the little ones from the other schools … Continue reading

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Belated Thanksgiving Post: War of Nytefall Edition

In the past, I’ve done a post on Thanksgiving where book characters talk about what they’re thankful for.  I missed the actual holiday this year, but it’s never a bad day to be thankful.  This time, we find out what … Continue reading

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Out of the Office for the Holiday (Happy Thanksgiving)

First, don’t forget to grab a copy of War of Nytefall: Lost.  Now, for some funny memes since I’m out for the day.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Inches Gained: A Short Week Survived

Where to even start?  Mostly because there isn’t much to report since I got some writing done and that was about it.  I’m 6 chapters away from the end of Warlord of the Forgotten Age, which shouldn’t take more than 2 … Continue reading

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Preparing a Fantasy Thanksgiving Dinner

Celebrating Thanksgiving in a fantasy world?  Follow these steps for the perfect meal that promises to be delicious, affordable, and minimal on casualties. Stock up on healing potions.  These can help with the prep work, family fights, bandit raids, food … Continue reading

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A Collection of Past Posts

Last year, I did a theme where I have the holidays talk in a dialogue.  Think I did it twice even though I swear there was a third that I can’t find on my blog any more. Anyway, I was … Continue reading

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A Full Week of Progress: I Sense a Disturbance

Seriously, I got 3 chapter sections done every day this week, except Friday.  Yet, I merged 3 together, so I took the night off because I was drained.  Somehow, I covered all of the *spoiler block* section and nearly 2/3’s … Continue reading

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