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Last Week of Summer Break

So, this was the last full week of my son’s summer break.  It was a hot one, so we didn’t do a whole lot outside.  Watched some movies, he went to the pool with the grandparents, and we did water … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Chugging Seltzer and Whimpering at the Page

So, I have a friend over for the weekend as long as nothing went wrong between me scheduling this and him showing up.  There are 4 hours to go, but this has been a visit that we’ve attempted and failed … Continue reading

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Writing During the Summer . . . With Kids

The previous summers weren’t like this one.  My son would have school to make sure he didn’t have any regression.  He was eligible for it this summer too, but we had already signed him up for a half-day program that … Continue reading

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A Week of Lego and Not Much Else

So, I’m away for the weekend and will only be on the blog in the mornings and evenings.  Maybe since it depends on how well I’m sleeping.  I’ve found that it’s easier to handle Twitter, Facebook, and email by phone … Continue reading

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Smooth Sailing . . . What Do You Mean We Lost the Engine?

The week started out so well.  I finished writing Raven’s Wrath and scheduled it for October, which means I’m only doing editing and idea tinkering for the rest of the summer.  That’s if I get around to it though because my … Continue reading

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Chapter Title Bonanza! Bedlam & Ichabod!

This is going to be a few testing spots.  Next summer I will hopefully be publishing the 3rd installment of the Bedlam series.  Feel free to check out Crossing Bedlam and Chasing Bedlam since each one is 99 cents.  The chapter titles … Continue reading

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That Was Definitely a Week

I was going to do this later in the day after all of the appointments were down, but I’m already battling the invisible anaconda.  The week built up a lot of stress and something this morning decided to be the … Continue reading

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