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So Long Summer Break. I Hardly Noticed You.

(Really liking this song.  Though, parts of it seem to hurt when I listen too closely.) Sad, but true.  This was my last full week of summer break, which really didn’t have an impact because of Covid-19.  Aside from one … Continue reading

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Fireworks? Eh, That’s Old News. Time for Goals

Seriously, there have been fireworks going off almost nightly for at least three weeks. If I didn’t have a son, I wouldn’t have noticed them any more.  Doesn’t look like any official shows are going on, so we’ll probably head … Continue reading

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Songs of Summer . . . I’m Still Being Lazy Here

I know nobody listens to the music videos I post.  Still, I’m in the mood to do it anyway.  Yeah, I typically take from Rock n Roll and Modern.

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The Funnies of Summer

In case people need a laugh about the upcoming season.  All from a Yahoo Image Search.  Enjoy.

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Summer 2020 Plans

Full disclosure: I’m writing this up on April 7th.  Partially because it’s still the middle of the pandemic in New York and I have no idea what the future holds.  Going to be pretty funny when I forget I wrote … Continue reading

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First Non-School Week of the Summer . . . It Was Aight

Think I’m going to have to do a day-by-day here.  A lot happened since this was the first week that my son and I didn’t have school.  In fact, Monday was the first day since late February that we had … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I Really Need to Buy a Calendar

I’m not kidding.  Once Thursday afternoon hit, I suddenly forgot . . . Wait . . . I’m writing this on Friday and that was yesterday?  Is that right? For the love of the dust bunnies that keep appearing under … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh! Maybe . . . I’m Napping this Weekend

It’s Thursday night and I’m scheduling this baby now.  What else could possibly happen this week?  Well, Friday is my son’s moving up ceremony because he moves on to middle school in the fall.  That’s going to be fun and … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I’m Just Going to Remove Anything Before ‘Day’ on the Calendar

I’m going to start with heavy event number one.  I can’t talk about details because that would be crossing a line.  All I will say is that I got to experience my first Zoom funeral this week.  Found it awkward … Continue reading

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End of the Summer Goals: Only 3 Days of Break Left

Let’s be honest.  I didn’t have much of a summer break since I was working at camp even before my school job ended.  That means I’ve really only had 13 days to rest.  Minus 1 for orientation day though.  Not … Continue reading

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