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A Week of Parenting Fun: Really Felt Like Summer

With camp ending last Friday, I had this past week with my son.  So, there wasn’t any writing going on at all.  We were up late (for him) most nights and running around left me tired by the evening.  This … Continue reading

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Another Completed Puzzle Post . . . It’s Been a While

Not sure how long it’s . . . September?  Wow.  It has been a long time since I showed this hobby off.  I have 10 here too.  Guess this is everything I completed over the course of the school year.  … Continue reading

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Last Sunday of 2020: Time for More Artwork from My Progeny

The title says it all really.  These are the drawings that my son has made over the last few months.  It was difficult to find time since school was crazy for both of us.  Schedules were a mess and we … Continue reading

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Another Collection of Art from the Son: All Pokemon

So, I asked my son if he minded me posting more of his pictures here.  I went through a round of questions before he said it was okay.  We’re doing Pokemon right now, so that’s what you’re going to see … Continue reading

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