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A Few More Days to Go!

This was the last full week of camp and it was a slog.  Keep in mind that I had just gotten over pneumonia, so the cough and fatigue were lingering.  Last Sunday, I could function for about 40 minutes before … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Escaping the Homestead

Welcome back to QUESTIONS 3!  The rules are that there are no rules.  Sort of.  I think of a topic on the fly and make a post that has 3 questions.  You can answer in the comments or answer on … Continue reading

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On the Eve of Exile . . . Changes to the Plan

To answer his question: Because I brought vodka and ‘Not Your Father’s’ Root Beer. So tomorrow night, I had out to spend a few days at a hotel.  I’ll be doing some editing, formatting, sleeping, and maybe some notebook work.  … Continue reading

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An Adventure Ends

Just a few hours and I’m on the road for a long trip.  The wife has work tomorrow, the kid has school tomorrow, and I really need a haircut.  My plan was to start editing tomorrow, but it might be … Continue reading

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On The Road Again on Friday

Some updated pics of the rugrat: Friday morning (sorry about the wrong day) I leave for another weekend trip and this one is a family visit.  That means I’ve got no idea what’s going on.  Also, when I say I … Continue reading

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