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Writing During the Summer . . . With Kids

The previous summers weren’t like this one.  My son would have school to make sure he didn’t have any regression.  He was eligible for it this summer too, but we had already signed him up for a half-day program that … Continue reading

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Fatherhood in Fantasy Fiction

Fatherhood is a slight theme in The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks.  He is proud of being a father and there is one story that involves a father/son.  Another involves orphans being escorted to their new homes.  Originally, I … Continue reading

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Let’s Kick This Summer Break Off With a Roar

First, I’m already sweltering and haven’t even left the house yet.  Just want to through that out there.  Especially since this weekend is going to be busy.  You’ll get some pictures tomorrow or Tuesday if I can muster the energy. … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Another Set from the Munchkin

This might be the last Questions 3 for a while because next month will turn Tuesday and Thursday into Windemere Hero bio days.  After that, I’m thinking of opening Thursdays up to anyone who wants to guest post or promote … Continue reading

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Fate of the Office-Less Author

I’ve mentioned many times that I lack an office space and how I’m envious of authors that can escape to a refuge.  Well, the winter and summer seasons really drive this home.  A snow day means no work and summer … Continue reading

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And So Begins Weeks of Mild Activity

(I’m having trouble with my blog.  The menu bar at the top doesn’t show up, so I won’t always know when notifications appear.  Looks like technical difficulties for today.) So this week is where everything changes and I’ll be less … Continue reading

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Top 10 What Not to do When Writing with a Toddler Around

This is the 53rd edition of What Not to Do, which is a great weekly series done by the great John W. Howell.  This week I’ve been permitted to join in the fun. This list will appear on Legends of … Continue reading

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