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Live Long and Prosper . . . With the Force Now that You’re a Wizard who Wields the One Ring of Aslan

Seriously though, I have to figure out where to start with the wild week.  My original plan was to finish writing the chapter I had started on Sunday, but only got a third of a section done.  In my defense, … Continue reading

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Costumes of the Past

First of all, I always post this music video leading up to Halloween: I was thinking of adding more to this post, but I’ve done a bunch in the past and can’t think of any fresh Halloween songs.  Feel free … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Happy Halloween Fun

An early Happy Halloween to everyone since I’ll be busy on Saturday.  Not easy wrangling a child who still hasn’t mastered trick-or-treating.  He still occasionally tells people if their neighbor wasn’t home to give candy.  At least he hasn’t tried … Continue reading

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On This Day of Candy & Costumes

This is nothing more than a hodgepodge of videos and stuff.  Like a haiku/whatever: Welcome Halloween A night of sweets and terror Both beloved and feared It is a strange day this Halloween.  Just look into the origin of it … Continue reading

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