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Curse of the Chapter 3

Disclaimer:  I actually misread my note that said ‘Ch. 3 Curse’.  I thought I meant to make a post about curses that come in 3’s, which I thought was odd.  So, I got the above picture and sat down to … Continue reading

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Monster Hunters and Treasure Hunters: A Tale of Two Stories

So, I’ve run into an issue with two series that I wanted to write way down the line.  One of them is an older idea that I keep tinkering with.  The other is a newer one that is very similar, … Continue reading

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You’re Only Making Things Worse: Cascading Problems

War of Nytefall: Ravenous isn’t the first time I’ve had a character make bad choice after bad choice.  In fact, I enjoy having my heroes and villains think they are doing the right thing and it ends up being a disaster.  … Continue reading

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Post Revisited- Sneaky Munchkin

This is a son post from October 8th, 2014.  I’m noticing there is a lot of blog activity in October.  At the very least, it’s one of the months where I had a lot less in terms of reblogs, promo … Continue reading

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Sneaky Munchkin

Typically, the little guy is about as sneaky as an elephant in a living room.  Trust me when I say that makes sense in my head.  So he’ll come running down a hallway yelling about how he’s going to hug … Continue reading

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Dangers of Writing with Children

This is part 2 of possibly 2.  Last week I talked about the benefits of writing with children.  Today, I discuss the flip-side and make all of the non-parent writers breathe a sigh of relief that they don’t have to … Continue reading

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Short Comedy of Mother’s Day

So, my wife and I took my son to a petting zoo yesterday.  This might sound like it was a celebration for him, but there are fewer things more entertaining than watching a cackling, wild-haired moppet try to find animals.  … Continue reading

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Grubby Fingers

Sticky and wiggly Getting into everything Leaving prints on the wall Spreading paint along the window And in his tangled hair Flushing toilets That whisks a roll away Editing and posting When my back is turned All the while he … Continue reading

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Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero Part 9

“Remember to eat everything on your plate, dear. Old Betty has to keep all of you growing warriors fed, so there shouldn’t be any reason to waste food,” the elderly woman advises Luke from behind the serving counter after handing … Continue reading

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