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Poetry Day: Casualties of the Morning Drive

(This always annoyed me when I had a long commute.  After a while, my mind would start picking on various story ideas.  I’d still be focusing on the road, of course, but I would think about these things at red … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Car Logistics

(All I’m going to say about this is that I hate moving cars around with other people.  It’s always a headache where each person has their own idea on what to do.  Not one of my best poems because I … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Bad Weather Bastards

(Seriously, why do so many people lose their minds when the weather turns?  It’s the opposite of what one should do on the road.) As rain falls in powerful sheets. All the idiots with cars enter the streets. Acting like … Continue reading

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Whirlwind Week . . . Have I Used That Title Before?

As usual, I’m not sure where to start.  My anxiety has been really bad, so things were moving slow.  That means no writing or editing or even future blog post scheduling.  I had to use what energy I had for … Continue reading

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A Step in the Right Direction

The above video really rings true for me this week.  I’ve been stressing about life, which might mean I had enough time to think.  Not enough to do biking though and I still have another week to go before I … Continue reading

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Buses, Books, Bedlam, and Bloodsuckers

Is it 2019 yet?  I mean, this week alone has been making me feel like I’ve gone a few rounds with an angry gorilla who thinks I owe it money . . . and it’s beating me with a flailing … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Putting Vehicles in Fiction

Make sure the vehicles fit the world.  Riding a horse through a futuristic utopia that has spaceships everywhere might seem cool, but it could be very impractical.  Then again, you might not consider a horse a vehicle since it’s alive. … Continue reading

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Snow, Editing, and the Looming Inevitable

(EDIT: Guess what I plan on seeing for Valentine’s Day!  If you said Deadpool then give yourself a cookie.) Yes, I have Crossing Bedlam coming out next weekend as long as things don’t wrong.  I mean, it isn’t like I have … Continue reading

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W.I.P.- A Story with No Name

So it’s kind of like that, but not.  This is going to be rather tough to explain since I only have a handful of notes.  Hoping to organize them today and see if I can make a full story out … Continue reading

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This Is Why I Stay Inside

So I ran out to get my new glasses.  The world is so much brighter now.  Not in the way of intelligence after a few of the psycho drivers I saw.  Here’s the two that made me wish I could … Continue reading

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