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7 Tips to Writing in 2021 (Not That This Year Is Really Any Different Than Previous Ones)

Last year, things were a really wild road in terms of writing.  Not only for myself, but for others from what I could see.  It either felt like we had all the time in the world or couldn’t get a … Continue reading

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That Single Step

A single step Taken slowly Making you feel every bruise That life has inflicted Exhaustion is your world Yet you wish to carry on To make progress And collapse with pride A burst of energy Born from such a tiny … Continue reading

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Is Natural Talent Enough?

I’m not 100% certain where I plan on going with this.  The topic came to mind after a day of hearing people tell me how talented I am when it comes to writing.  For a while, I’ve been struggling with … Continue reading

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Probably Made More Progress Than I Realize

The above video shows a character that I just stumbled onto when I randomly picked ‘Magi: Labyrinth of Magic’ to watch this week.  The original choice was ‘Fate/Zero’, but I had a really bad anxiety attack on Sunday.  Watching an … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Through Snow Days and Invisible Anacondas

We got our 4th Nor’Easter in 2 weeks on Wednesday and this one had to be the worst of the lot.  It started off relatively tame, but then dumped snow over night to many people’s surprise.  We have an extra … Continue reading

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Home Stretch, But I Think I Pulled Something

First, the above video is of a song the turned up on Pandora at an odd time.  My friend and I were talking about English versions of anime themes being mediocre or lackluster.  This is really good and I was … Continue reading

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Another Warlord of the Forgotten Age Update

Jason sent me some progress shots to share.  This will also explain what is meant by traditional methods and explain why things are taking longer than expected.  Hope people enjoy what they see:

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Adieu to Summer & the Headaches that Came with It

I don’t even want to look at my goal list since I didn’t accomplish anything in terms of writing.  Too many medical things and then a lot of stuff with the kid.  I need to hunker down and prep for Legends … Continue reading

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Of Birthdays & Bedlam

First, I just realized that goal posts like these never show the music video in Twitter.  It takes a picture if I put one in the post or my black & white author photo from a few years ago.  Learn … Continue reading

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Progress and Goals: What Could Go Wrong?

There’s been something eating at me for a while and I needed to get it off my chest.  That will be tomorrow.  Wrote up the post to get the rant and frustration out of my system before I wrote this … Continue reading

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