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Monster Month: Bunyip

Is that what a Bunyip looks like?  No idea because the descriptions were incredibly varied and I couldn’t find many common factors beyond ‘aquatic’.  Not surprising since this is folklore that was spread across Australia.  Even the name has regional … Continue reading

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Monster Month: Wendigo

We’re going to be touching on some monsters throughout the month.  I was trying for obscure ones, but the first one is probably known by others.  If you’ve been a fan of Wolverine comics or ‘Supernatural’, you’ve heard of: THE … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using a Monster Army in Fiction

Monster armies marching on a village or being intercepted in the wild is a fairly common set piece for fantasy and science fiction.  From the outside, it seems like it’s a simply obstacle to create and use.  Monsters rush forward, … Continue reading

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Elite of the Monster Races

Ever play a video game or read a story with monsters when a ‘special’ type of a common species turns up?  If not then there really isn’t much more to explain.  Heroes run into an elite version of a common … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Aquarium of Montgomery Drawlls

(This is a silly poem I made about an aquarium with unique creatures.  I would make poems like this just to flex my imagination.  It’s similar to Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale, which I made years ago.) If you find yourself … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Amalgam

(Was I trying to do horror?  Was I trying to be symbolic?  Think it was both.  Took me a few read throughs to figure it out.  The key was ‘thirty’, which was how many story ideas I had at the … Continue reading

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Does Windemere Have Angels?

Long ago, I began to wonder something about Windemere.  I know that’s strange since I created the place, so I should have an answer.  Still, this was a headscratcher due to other fantasy series where demons, dragons, deities, and a … Continue reading

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The Daughter of Monster Maker Fun Needs Fuel!

This is always a fun challenge for me to do every October.  It tends to take a few weeks to set up as well because I don’t have as much free time as I used to.  So, I’m going to … Continue reading

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When Monsters Clash

Power and strength That quivers the ground As every blow connects Neither has been challenged Until today Blood is not drawn fast And bones resist Like no opponent before The monsters Are more mortal When in each other’s presence No … Continue reading

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Return of the Shadow of Monster Maker Fun: Creatures Donated by Deby Fredericks #October #Monsters

Here’s the last of the Monster Maker posts for October 2020.  These 3 have been donated by Deby Fredericks.  Hope everyone enjoyed this yearly event and return in 2021 for another round.  Enjoy. Bastremus Hovering over volcanic regions, these hazy … Continue reading

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