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Discussion: What Do You Think of the Rise in Celebrity Authors?

I was going to post a picture of celebrity authors here, but I figure I’d rather promote my own stuff. Anyway, I’ve noticed how often a celebrity shows up with a book that rockets to the top of the bestseller … Continue reading

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School’s Out and the Summer Begins

The last week of school was a little more chaotic than I expected.  There were a lot of errands and chores along with stress in getting things ready.  Not the least of which was helping to get some dead branches … Continue reading

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‘War of Nytefall: Loyalty’ Now Available on Amazon! #vampires #fantasy

The Dawn Fangs have arrived! In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, a new predator will emerge within Windemere’s shadow. For fifty years, Clyde has been trapped beneath the earth while the vampire kingdom has been gradually losing its war … Continue reading

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Publishing Jitters

One toe left To count the times I’ve been at the edge Weeks of fretting Months of toiling Years of forging Wearing body to the bone * The twentieth click After hours of needling Hitting that infamous word Publish That … Continue reading

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So Close, But Just Missed It: Week Near Hits

The main goal of the week was editing War of Nytefall: Loyalty in preparation of the April 7th release.  I feel about 100 pages short by the time my son’s Spring Break started on Thursday.  The trifecta of this, Passover, and … Continue reading

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A Big Week is A-Coming! A Rough Week is A-Going!

First, I keep forgetting to mention this in regards to my son.  We’ve been trying to get him into listening to music in a way that he pays attention.  He began declaring that he loved Rock music, but only because … Continue reading

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As Madness Looms, The Goals Must Go On

Geez, where to even start?  Things are flying everywhere today and I’m not sure where to start.  Just look at how late this post is coming and how I’m not even scheduling it.  I wanted to finish a beta-reading project … Continue reading

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