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Happy Halloween: Classic Videos

Just like every other year, I feel like these need to be on there.  Yeah, I’m not being very original today, but I have a child to take out for candy.  With him a peanut and tree nut allergy, I … Continue reading

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Crossing Genres: #Fantasy & #Horror

Welcome back to this month-long adventure where we talk about how advice for one genre can help for another.  Of course, these are only quick overviews because of time and space.  Today we’re going to discuss the similarities of: FANTASY … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! (Derailing Bedlam Will Continue Next Week!)

I considered continuing the story since we’re almost at the end.  Not sure what to do with Thursdays once ‘Derailing Bedlam’ is through in November/December.  I don’t have any other novels or short stories to put up since the rest … Continue reading

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