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The Enchanted Sword Shop: No Stabbing in the Store

Welcome to our little sword shop.  Every blade has been enchanted to do something different by type.  Why?  We get things in bulk and can’t afford have an in-house enchanter.  Not since most of them got eaten by trolls and … Continue reading

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Did You Know There Are Swords in Fantasy?

So, did you know swords are common in fantasy?  I know, totally surprising.  You’d think it has something to do with most fantasy stories taking place in a pre-firearm age.  So, swords would be the most logic weapon to have … Continue reading

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Heroic Teamwork: Combo Moves

Everybody loves it when heroes team up.  Well, most people do because you always have haters.  Anyway, there are many aspects that authors need to consider when writing about heroes working together.  Do their personalities clash?  Are their goals the … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing the Pursued POV

This topic is a little shaky.  At least, trying from the Pursuer POV was tough.  The reason is because you see the opposite more often.  A chase tends to happen when the protagonist needs to escape.  So, readers will be … Continue reading

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Hand-to-Hand Writing: 7 Tips to Defense

Here we are at the final entry and component of writing a fight scene.  As before, I’m going to note that this is a personal breakdown of aspects.  So, it’s all opinion, which means you might not agree.  We’ve done … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Chase Scenes

While a staple of action movies, the chase scene isn’t as easy to pull off when it comes to books.  They depend a lot on visuals to create the right amount of suspense and tension, which means word choice is … Continue reading

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What Exactly is an Energy Attack?

My son and I started watching Dragon Ball a few months back.  This got me thinking about energy attacks and the overall power structure that was introduced in this series.  Also, how it differs from what I use: I work … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Clash of Monsters #fantasy #vampires

Can’t do a bunch of Teaser Tuesdays without adding an action scene.  Let’s go for one of the big ones too.  War of Nytefall: Savagery has plenty of fighting and adventure, so enjoy a taste.

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A Series With Minimal Action, But High Suspense

This year, I got into a series called ‘Dr. Stone’.  It is about how humans are frozen in stone for 3,700 years, so civilization collapses.  The first to awaken is Senku, a Japanese teen who was obsessed and highly skilled … Continue reading

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When Gore Is Required: Need a Washcloth?

I’ve had a few posts on gore thanks to War of Nytefall.  It’s not surprising since we’re talking about vampires here.  Limbs and heads have been removed. Bodies cut into various pieces with the mention of blood.  A few mentions of … Continue reading

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