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The Future of Ichabod Brooks

So, now I have to think about the future.  Not only for the next series since we’re a month or two away from the hopeful release of Legends of Windemere: Path of the Traitors.  That series will come to an end, … Continue reading

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Short Stories vs Novels: A Taste of Both Worlds

With The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks, I’ve stepped more into short stories than I did before.  Normally, I’m more of a novelist with a love of series as you can tell from Legends of Windemere.  I dabbled a bit because … Continue reading

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WIP: Keys of Eden

The picture isn’t going to help my case here, but this is where the idea came from.  I was working at Baskin Robbins and bought a Pokemon book because kids were asking for cakes or sundaes with more unique Pokemon … Continue reading

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