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Women in the Lead

Women in the driver’s seat Bathed in the spotlight For more than romance Or to be a victim And nothing more than that * They fight like a hero Make mistakes like humans And get up when they fall Because … Continue reading

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The Bad Girl: Is It a Worthwhile Character Type?

Way back in the first week of July, I touched on the topic of Bad Boys.  I was asked by a few people about Bad Girls.  It was noted that they tend to be called Femme Fatales, but that had … Continue reading

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A Female Pervert in Anime/Manga?

You may have noticed that all of my ‘pervert character’ examples up to this point have been male.  The reason is because that’s typically the case.  I have been reading that the female pervert is starting to gain some ground, … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Females of Fiction (Did I Do This One Already?)

I’m too lazy to see if I did this one already, so let’s go.  Anyway, I started watching the above show on YouTube, which is done by a site (or person?) called Rooster Teeth.  I kept catching clips of this, … Continue reading

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Post Revisited: What Do You Want in Female Characters?

This post went live on July 18th, 2013.  It created a fun conversation.  Hope to have another, but let’s be civil.  Also I’m not sure what the original pictures were.  They seem to have disappeared from the original. One of … Continue reading

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Echoes of Narcissus in the Gardens of Delight is LIVE!

Donna thought there was something wrong with her. That she was suffering from a mental illness that has caused her husband to despise her, distance himself from her, and cheat on her. She blames herself for the desolate, miserable thing … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Childhood Friends (Unedited from Family of the Tri-Rune)

Sari’s emerald eyes flutter open as pinpricks of sunlight appear on her face. She pushes a few locks of her dark blue hair out of her mouth while snuggling closer to the warm, slender body next to her. Her smooth … Continue reading

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Women of Windemere: Kira Grasdon Poems

I Am Kira I am me Hidden behind The me you expect Mask firmly in place Lines rehearsed I am ready To play the game You underestimate me Thinking me a prize To woo and praise My eyes on your … Continue reading

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Women of Windemere: Kira Grasdon

A few weeks ago, Kayla Matt contacted me about drawing the female characters of Windemere.  She did an amazing job.  Today, I’m showcasing her drawings of Kira Grasdon along with poems, videos, and an excerpt. Kira Grasdon is a student … Continue reading

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Women of Windemere: Trinity Poems

I Am Trinity I will soil my soul To save them all Call me a monster Despise my name I do not care For I am a Queen With an iron will I have sworn Upon every brow That I … Continue reading

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