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Poetry Day: Catching Snowflakes

(Only point I want to make is that I made sure my son was okay and warm before I wrote this poem.) The child can barely walk Toddler legs still growing Unable to find footing But strong enough to move … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing a Snow Battle

On the surface, a battle in the snow isn’t different from one in the rain.  Yet, there is enough of a difference to force a change of focus.  Let’s get right into the tips and you’ll see what I mean. … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Brain Pieces at 30% Capacity

You know it’s been a week when this post isn’t scheduled.  It means I passed out rather quickly last night.  Exhaustion took me over and it’s still not really done with me, but I can’t get myself to sleep any … Continue reading

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Goal Post: One Month Nearly Down for 2021

This week was midterms, so I was busy.  That pretty much covers work unless we count that I did some outlining of ‘Ruins of the Zodiac Gods’ when I didn’t have any students in my proctoring room.  Not as much … Continue reading

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Don’t Look at the Groundhog!

Seriously, I’m sure the furry bastards are going to lie.  That or make absolutely no sense, but they get all this attention.  I say we ignore them until the temperatures get above freezing.  Actually, anybody ever think that disturbing a … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Memes: In Honor of the Temp Dropping

All taken from a Yahoo Image Search.  Enjoy.

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Claws of Wind

A roar from all around Precursor to pain As the icy wind cuts deep Surpassing clothes And driving through flesh Stabbing at the bone We wish to stay inside Because the gale always finds skin Yet we never get our … Continue reading

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Nearing the Time for Bedlam

This is the week where the little munchkin is home.  So not much is going to happen, especially on days that wife is working.  Not an ideal situation for an author who missed his editing goals so badly that he … Continue reading

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Returning to the Pen: My First Week Back to Legends of Windemere

First of all, let me direct you to all of the guest posts I’ve had this week: John W. Howell- Maintaining a Character’s Core in a Series Leigh Michaels- Writing a Lengthy Series Oloriel Moonshadow- Mentally Maintaining a Vivid Fantasy … Continue reading

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Path to Numbness

Stolen hearts and bitter shields Seen as parts of life More common than we think Not as easily healed When the damage is true Bleeding inside From a wound that festers And will never heal completely Leaving a broken soul … Continue reading

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