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Goal Post: Some Good, Some Bad, and a Bit of Ugly

WAR OF NYTEFALL: SAVAGERY AVAILABLE FOR 99 CENTS! As you can see, I published my newest book this week.  It was a nice surprise in that I got everything together.  This meant I got to publish the book in time … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me?

Well, it’s my 41st birthday.  The 40th wasn’t much to talk about last year because the Covid-19 reactions started around that time.  Parties were canceled, so the milestone passed by fairly quietly.  Wasn’t in the mood for it either.  This … Continue reading

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At Least I Got Some Writing Done

This was certainly a week to remember. The title above is actually the highlights of a really trying and emotionally exhausting time.  It actually led to me scheduling a post for August 2nd about parenting and autism.  I’d do it … Continue reading

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Superhero Birthday

So, I let my son pick pictures of superheroes to post on his birthday.  He tried to go for every hero and villain he ever heard of, so it took some convincing to get him to stick with his favorites.  … Continue reading

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Broken Pencil = A Bad Omen

So, I’ve been carrying a notebook, mechanical pencil, and eraser with me to work.  I’ve never had a chance to use it since I’m always busy.  Don’t make it known either because people then ask me to tear pages out.  … Continue reading

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#Birthday Time! War of Nytefall: Rivalry is on Amazon! #vampires #fantasy

Normally, I do a Teaser Tuesday to promote the newest book, War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  Yet, it’s also my birthday and there’s no excerpt that I can pick to connect the two.  That leaves me wondering what I should do since … Continue reading

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If You’re Reading This, I’m at a Bookstore

Seriously, I’m probably already at Barnes & Noble with my birthday money.  All I really wanted was a paperback copy of ‘Ready Player One’ since I loved the movie.  I highly recommend people see it, especially if they were growing … Continue reading

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Return of the . . . Not Yet? Off Again I Go

I don’t even know where to start on this one.  Life is coming fast and hard lately.  Last weekend was my sister’s wedding, which was fun.  Food and drink was great.  Brother-in-law picked some great specialty drinks.  Everyone had a … Continue reading

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Birthday To Me: Note the Missing Word

Today has sucked.  Last night I started having a raspy cough and decided to see a doctor today.  The wife was in the same boat, but with her usual bronchitis.  First, that insurance issue wasn’t as fixed as I thought. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Pamela

Happy Birthday to Pamela at Poetry By Pamela! Don’t know who she is? Visit her blog and pick up her books for 99 cents each as a happy birthday surprise. CLICK ON THE COVER TO SEE THE BOOK!

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