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Midday Booster: Covid vs Allergies Memes

I have really bad allergies this time of year.  It’s usually a raspy cough and trouble breathing, which makes people think cold or pneumonia.  At least that’s how it used to go before 2020.  Now, I have strangers looking at … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I’m Just Going to Remove Anything Before ‘Day’ on the Calendar

I’m going to start with heavy event number one.  I can’t talk about details because that would be crossing a line.  All I will say is that I got to experience my first Zoom funeral this week.  Found it awkward … Continue reading

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A Week of Work, Holidays, Birthdays, and Limited Exposure

Another week of schoolwork and housework.  Look, I’ve got very little else going on here since New York is such a mess.  Things were a little easier since our spring break was supposed to start on Thursday and we have … Continue reading

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Week 1 of Containment: I Really Hope this is Saturday

Seriously, all of the days have blurred together with everything that happened.  I don’t have to tell all of you about what’s going on.  We’ve all been affected.  I’m still nervous because every map I look at has me sitting … Continue reading

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I Can’t Even Think of a Title Here

I’m just stunned and confused now.  Leave out the stuff with taxes and the ex-wife as well as the application to graduate school.  All of those have been kind of dwarfed by the big thing going on.  Been trying to … Continue reading

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