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Poetry Day: Careless Infector

(Well . . . This poem was disturbingly prophetic.) I hear you coughing With nothing in your way Spraying toxic spit In the air I breathe Forcing me to join you In a fevered bed of pain No one to … Continue reading

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When Kindness Change the Villain

Above, you will see a picture from the anime called ‘One Piece’.  Don’t go running away yet because there’s a point.  In the scene, you have one of the heroes named Sanji (blonde) with a villain named Ghin (guy on … Continue reading

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Some Messages from the Zoo Day

So, my son and I went to the zoo last weekend and a few things have stuck with me.  Most good, but a few that I need to get off my chest.  The place was packed, which meant there was … Continue reading

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Guest Post on Guest Author Etiquette by Chris the Storyreading Ape

(Today is a post from Chris the Storyreading Ape.  Enjoy and check out his site.) Author Guest Post Etiquette My thanks to Charles for inviting me to discuss Guest Author Etiquette (although, an APE discussing etiquette does seem a bit … Continue reading

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Minding His Manners

One thing that has always been great about the little guy is that he rarely throws a public temper tantrum.  In fact, I think 99% of his outbursts have been with mommy who he knows is more of a pushover … Continue reading

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