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Side Jobs: Because Being a Hero Doesn’t Always Pay the Bills

I was thinking about this as a friend explained an RPG he had been playing.  He brought up various skills of his character that weren’t really adventuring ones.  They helped there, but he did it mostly to get new gear … Continue reading

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More Artist than Businessman: Blows to the Brain

We live in a society where you are judged by how much money you make. Yeah, that’s a brutal way to start this off, but I don’t really think I’m wrong.  For 5 years, I was a stay-at-home parent while … Continue reading

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To the Treasure Chest

Waiting within the ruins Of a land that lost its name To the hunger of time You are sought by many Who do not know That you exist Many have reached you And fallen at your feet Burying you In … Continue reading

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Trevor’s Treasure Hoard Bonanza

Have too much money for a wallet, piggy bank, mattress, or mundane safe?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Our expert contractors can creature the treasure vault of your dreams.  If not your dreams then those of your favorite … Continue reading

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That’s What They Say?

Back on March 5th, I asked people to mention stereotypes they’ve heard about authors.  Some of these I’d never heard of. Now I will respond: “That authors make a lot of money.”- John W. Howell Of course we do.  Every … Continue reading

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Career Hero: For the Glory and Money

Booster Gold is a character who didn’t step into being a hero to help others or save the world.  He traveled from the future to use his higher tech and past event knowledge to gain fame and glory.  I got … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Money . . . Don’t You Dare Use It

There is a small debate around here, which is filled with confusion.  As people know, I received my first royalty check this week.  On my anniversary too, which was awesome timing.  Anyway, that’s not the real point of this. I’m … Continue reading

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