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Leading from the Front

(Kind of strange that Nelson Mandela had a quote on leading from the back and another on leading from the front.  Makes me think at least one is fake.) Now, these are the generals that we tend to see in … Continue reading

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Leading from the Back

What is leading from the back?  It’s exactly what you think.  This would be a military leader who stays away from the frontline.  They give orders while analyzing information and listening to advisors.  They’re still in charge, but not in … Continue reading

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Generals in Fiction: The Biggest, Shiniest Targets

I think this is another character type that gets overlooked or done with minor attention to anything other than the role.  Any genres that touch on there being a military force will note that there are generals.  Might not be … Continue reading

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Do Rulers in Fantasy Need to be Evil or Inept?

I’m not sure where this idea came from, but I’ve seen a lot of people run with it and claim that it’s how the genre works.  You have a ruler, but he/she/it is either a villain or so inept that … Continue reading

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