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Questions 3: What If You Woke Up in a New World?

As authors, I think we imagine ourselves in other worlds to begin with.  It might not be us exactly, but we exist in these worlds through our characters.  So, the concept of an Isekai isn’t too farfetched.  Probably why it … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing an Isekai Story

Isekai can be tricky even though it looks easy.  People think it’s only about having someone transported to another world and leave it at that.  Makes sense since this means the main character acts as an avatar for the audience.  … Continue reading

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What is an Isekai?

The graphic pretty much does the job.  Isekai is the term used when we’re talking about anime and manga.  Yet, this isn’t exclusive to those genres.  In fact, the concept of a person from one world being transported to another … Continue reading

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