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Villains with Hearts of Evil Ice

Villains can make or break a story.  You need some type of adversity for the hero to overcome and having another sentient being to face can push them to new levels of strength.  Many times these antagonists become more popular … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Villain?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about villains and what makes one popular while others are laughed at.  The answer I came up with is that it really depends on the individual since most villains have fans.  Sure, we live … Continue reading

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Heroes Need Villains: 13 Steps to Evil by Sacha Black is Now Available! #writing #bookboost

Your hero is not the most important character in your book. Your villain is. Are you fed up of drowning in two-dimensional villains? Frustrated with creating clichés? And failing to get your reader to root for your villain? In 13 … Continue reading

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Party in the Caster Swamp

The Lich– Do we have a question to work with here? General Vile– I believe we are supposed to discuss being villains and our various motivations. Trinity– There aren’t many of us here.  The big boys were told to stay … Continue reading

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The Many Flavors of Villainy

Before I get into using a villain’s perspective, I do want to talk about how there are different types of villains.  Time and time again, I see people arguing over who is the better bad guy when the characters in … Continue reading

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