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Goal Post: End of Winter Break

Just two more days of Winter Break.  So, how did things go?  It really depends on what aspect of my life we look at.  Did things go well as an author?  No . . . No, they did not.  Did … Continue reading

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A Week of Parenting Fun: Really Felt Like Summer

With camp ending last Friday, I had this past week with my son.  So, there wasn’t any writing going on at all.  We were up late (for him) most nights and running around left me tired by the evening.  This … Continue reading

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Giant Pandas: So Cute!

While in DC, I saw giant pandas. Of course, I took pictures and a video. Enjoy and check out the WWF page for information on pandas. You can also adopt one. (Doing this by phone again. Hope it works.)

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Goal Post: Back from DC

I’m finally back from a spring break trip. I’m also trying to write and schedule this post using my phone. I’m exhausted this Friday night, so I’m living dangerously. God, I hate these blocks. No idea how to put a … Continue reading

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Pictures from the Father/Son Zoo Trip

Last Sunday’s funny animals picture went over really well.  I realized that I randomly put it on the same day that my son and I went to the Bronx Zoo.  That was a lot of fun and we got some … Continue reading

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First Goal Post of 2020: Might Be a Little Anticlimactic

Everybody sober up or catch up on sleep after staying up until midnight?  Yeah, I’m not as young as I used to be, so the late night is still wearing me down.  Alcohol wasn’t even a factor since I had … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Fasting on the Horizon (Don’t Forget ‘War of Nytefall’ Sale)

First, War of Nytefall is on sale for the month of October.  All 3 books have gone down to 99 cents.  If the response is good then I might keep it longer or even make Legends of Windemere 99 cents across the … Continue reading

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Some Messages from the Zoo Day

So, my son and I went to the zoo last weekend and a few things have stuck with me.  Most good, but a few that I need to get off my chest.  The place was packed, which meant there was … Continue reading

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Zoo Funnies

Since this is where my son and I are going, I figure I’d make it the theme:  

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Zoo Day

A child’s wonder Etched into their face When seeing the beasts Outside the screen and page Larger as life Striking all the senses As alive as the child Who watches and waves Amazed at the sight Of beloved animals In … Continue reading

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