A Week of Parenting Fun: Really Felt Like Summer

With camp ending last Friday, I had this past week with my son.  So, there wasn’t any writing going on at all.  We were up late (for him) most nights and running around left me tired by the evening.  This means I have half a book left to write, which won’t happen before school starts on the 30th.  Oh well.

I guess it’s easier to do this recap by the day.

Last Saturday

You know, I don’t really remember what we were doing.  I think this was just resting up, but there had to be something.  Maybe it was just errands to get stuff for the rest of the week.  Probably video games too.  Well, there was an art project that my son did in the morning.  Think it was then errands and ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus’.  That game is going to be mentioned a lot.


Father/son trip to the Bronx Zoo.  We get there when it opened and managed to see the entire zoo.  That includes this summer area:

The animatronic dinosaurs had motion sensors, so they would move when people walked into a certain area.  Of course, all the baby animals were a highlight.  We saw baby wild horses, peacocks, great argus, and tree kangaroos.  Probably more, but those are the ones I can remember.

Tree Kangaroo

Overall, it was a fun outing and we made it home in time for dinner.  Vaguely remember that being Chinese food.


Being out in the heat and walking all day left me barely functional on this day.  The long covid was strong with me this day.  My son was supposed to get his braces, but that got changed around.  So, we did a Princess Peach Lego set and played ‘Arceus’ in the afternoon.  Really my son played while I laid down and gave advice.  It was a necessary low key day.


I felt better and thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk in a nearby preserve.  This place used to be a big landfill, but it was turned into a reserve years ago.  Not a ton of shade and it’s mostly uphill walking.  They have a herd of goats that keep things neat too, which we met up with.  My son reunited with this one goat that tried to eat his hair about 9 years ago.  Saw some lizards and various birds.  The issue was that I pushed myself a bit too much and realized as we neared the second hour that I made a mistake.  We got home in time for lunch and watched the 2009 ‘Sherlock Holmes’.  Then, more ‘Arceus’ before I had to make Penne with Vodka Sauce.


My son had an afternoon appointment, so not much happened.  It was a minor Lego set then an early lunch.  We had to hang around the appointment area after we were done for reasons I can’t disclose.  Made it up to my son by getting Slurpees and then another afternoon of ‘Arceus’.  Our goal of the week was to catch all of the Alpha Pokemon in the unlocked area.  These are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive versions of other Pokemon.  We nearly got destroyed by one and made a panicky retreat.


Braces!  The appointment was early afternoon, so we took it easy in the morning.  It was a lot of talking and my son finagled some ‘Arceus’ time before we had lunch.  We watched a bunch of ‘Demon Slayer’, which he’s handling very well.  Finishing that anime tonight and I’m amazed my son, who hates horror, demanded to and made it through the whole thing with only one mild issue.  He doesn’t like jump scares.  Anyway, he got his braces on and that set the stage for the rest of the week.  We got large chocolate shakes, went home for more ‘Arceus’, and brought in Ramen for dinner.  Not the store bought stuff, but restaurant Ramen.  My son had trouble chewing, but he figured it out.


With the braces on, we took it easy and he worked on another Lego set.  Eating was taking a bunch of time.  We did go out to try to find some pieces for his Halloween costume, which is looking like I’ll have to build from scratch.  People are telling me I can wait until the October, but I have to build a shark-shaped guitar, attach frilly sleeves to a suit jacket, iron on lilies to a pink pair of pants, make a cravat brooch, and connect an afro wig to a top hat that I turn into a golden crown.  Easy, right?  The afternoon was ‘Arceus’ again while I made a stencil and began cutting out cardboard layers for the guitar.


My son goes to his mom’s tomorrow afternoon, so this is our last full day to hang out.  We have family coming over and then going to a friend’s for pool and BBQ. Last of our purchased Lego sets may be made and we need to get some materials for the costume.  It’s already feeling like a weird day.  He’s going to be gone for about 9 days.  Even when he gets home, I’ll have work.  We won’t get to spend real time together until two weeks from today.


I’ve got school starting up on the 30th.  So, I have to get a few things ready like paperwork and getting a haircut.  Of course, I’m going to try to write as much of Darwin & the Avenging Elf as I can.  It looks like I have 12 days to go if I get 3 sections done per day, so I’m hoping to get into Chapter 13 of 16.  I have a few appointments and got invited to a party, which is why I doubt I’ll get any further than that.  Much of it will depend on the long covid and my anxiety too.  No idea what I will watch when I need a break.  I was leaning towards ‘Sandman’, but I heard it was rather violent and I don’t think I’ll be in the right mindset for that this week.

Goals of the week:

  1. Get a haircut
  2. Write more Darwin & the Avenging Elf
  3. Rest up
  4. Do some biking
  5. Buy vegetables and plan out healthy lunches for work.
  6. Get pizza at least one day.
  7. Finish the shark guitar or at least come close.
  8. Swiffer the floor.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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12 Responses to A Week of Parenting Fun: Really Felt Like Summer

  1. Sounds like a great week. Thaks for sharing.


  2. Sound like a lot of fun woven in there.


  3. Victoria Zigler says:

    Sounds like loads of fun activities with your son. Exhausting, but worth it, I’m sure. And, when you have to make costumes from scratch, starting early is a very good plan; when you make anything from scratch to a deadline, the earlier you can start, the better. Good luck with the coming week.


    • Thanks. I’m surprised so many people have told me that I still have 2 months to do this costume. Just figuring out this stuff is taking up a lot of time. It’ll get tougher once summer break is over.


      • Victoria Zigler says:

        Anyone with experience hand-making things like costumes should understand that sometimes things take longer than anticipated. Like I said, I think starting it now is a smart move. Better to have it made way sooner than planned than be scrambling to finish it last second.


      • Definitely. 👍 To be fair, most people saying this aren’t into crafting or artistic endeavors. Guess it’s hard to understand.


      • Victoria Zigler says:

        Yeah, that does seem to be the case; clearly you have to be in to creative or artistic endeavors to understand the fact you don’t just think up the idea and have it magically appear completed in your hands.


      • It’s especially more difficult when you’re trying to do something that isn’t your area of expertise. Costume creation isn’t one of my strengths.


      • Victoria Zigler says:

        True… That would make it even more of a challenge, and even more important to start as early as possible.


  4. Jennie says:

    Sounds like a fun week, Charles.


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