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Goal Post: Nailed the Goalie in the Nards!

Think I might be the goalie in this scenario.  At least this week went smoother than previous ones.  Work was busy, but not as stressful.  Still some kinks to iron out of a couple systems.  Noticed last week that nobody … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Weekend Before the Hunger Strikes (Yom Kippur on Monday)

I feel like these posts don’t really have anything interesting these days.  I wish I was doing more exciting things or stuff that I could talk about in public, but that’s not how my life is going lately.  One would … Continue reading

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Surviving Through the Week

Monday strikes with fangs A jolt of reality That many wish would fade * Tuesday is slightly better The sting is gone Replaced by a serene focus * Wednesday is halved Beginning with groans And ending with hope * Thursday … Continue reading

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Well . . . I Guess I Made It

I have no idea why I’m so tired.  Think I tried to wear more hats than my head was able to handle.  Too exhausted to list them, but I juggled a lo.  There was stuff with grad school, work, writing, … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Return of an Old Joke . . . Also, It’s Been a Loooooooooooong Weeeeeeeeek

I’ll put the usual music video that nobody watches on the bottom.  Let’s get right into this thing . . . Can I take a nap first? The main reason I’m so tired is because we had a Nor’easter on … Continue reading

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Goal Post: A Short Week of Work and a Long One of Parenting

Let’s hear it for a 4-day weekend!  (ADD-ON:  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1ST!) As much as I love my job, I’m happy that I get 4 days with my son.  Going to a movie today, Lion King on Broadway … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Meet the Teacher . . . Wait . . . I’m On the Wrong Side of the Desk

This was a busy week that felt like a month.  Don’t get me wrong.  Work was a lot of fun and I’m getting used to the new stuff.  Made successful strawberry bread with one of the students and we rocked … Continue reading

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Some Sunday Funnies Found Throughout the Week

The title says it all.  Got some Fowl Language and Red Green Show in there too.

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The Week That Felt Like a Month

This has been a busy week with a lot of appointments and tasks.  For some reason, it feels like it’s been longer than it actually was.  On Monday, we had enough snow for a school delays and that feels like … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Trying to Get Back Into the Writing Saddle

Do you know when the last time I wrote anything new was? Raven’s Dawn in July. I don’t even know if I can truly count that since it was the finale of a blog story that I never had that much … Continue reading

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