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Some Sunday Funnies Found Throughout the Week

The title says it all.  Got some Fowl Language and Red Green Show in there too.

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The Week That Felt Like a Month

This has been a busy week with a lot of appointments and tasks.  For some reason, it feels like it’s been longer than it actually was.  On Monday, we had enough snow for a school delays and that feels like … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Trying to Get Back Into the Writing Saddle

Do you know when the last time I wrote anything new was? Raven’s Dawn in July. I don’t even know if I can truly count that since it was the finale of a blog story that I never had that much … Continue reading

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Smooth Sailing . . . What Do You Mean We Lost the Engine?

The week started out so well.  I finished writing Raven’s Wrath and scheduled it for October, which means I’m only doing editing and idea tinkering for the rest of the summer.  That’s if I get around to it though because my … Continue reading

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Start of a New-Ish Adventure and Heading for the Finish Line

(I don’t know what to think of this song.) One more project to go before I hit the summer with a lighter load on both my body and mind.  I’ve decided to call the 3rd book of my news series, War … Continue reading

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More Than Human Bundle Now Available!

The More than Human Bundle https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0751Z8YKK/ https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/more-than-human-10 https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/more-than-human-a-l-butcher/1126995921?ean=2940158967016 https://bundlerabbit.com/b/more-than-human https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/more-than-human/id1273619657?mt=11 To save. To guard. To heal. Beloved people, precious things, and sacred spaces move our hearts and inspire us to defend them. In these tales of redemption and rescue, more-than-human … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Just A Little Off-Center

Whelp . . . Here we are . . . Staring down the barrel of the last full week of school.  Not sure it’s a barrel though.  More like a walkway that is probably nowhere near as long as I … Continue reading

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