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Goal Post . . . Was This a Week or a Month?

I really can’t remember much of what happened prior to Thursday.  I know stuff did occur and a lot of things were moved from mine and my son’s room.  It’s still 1.5 weeks until the floors get worked on and … Continue reading

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A Step in the Right Direction

The above video really rings true for me this week.  I’ve been stressing about life, which might mean I had enough time to think.  Not enough to do biking though and I still have another week to go before I … Continue reading

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Chasing Bedlam Cover Art Teaser!

So it’s Super Bowl time here, which means guests and errands.  I’ll do my best to reply to comments, check emails, and handle tweets.  At least until the beer kicks in.  Joking because I have to drive someone home at … Continue reading

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Weekend of Whirling Dervish-Ness

Where to even start?  This week started out decently and then rolled into a chaotic blur of images that I’m still trying to sort through.  Part of this might be because 4 of the 5 school lunches weren’t stuff my … Continue reading

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