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Very Few Super Bowl Funnies

I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to find memes that aren’t insulting with no wit or controversial.  Guess I’m lucky to have found these 6.  I have family over for the Super Bowl, so I won’t be on much.  Unless … Continue reading

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Hobby Mocking

Excitement at the thought Of indulging In that you love dearly Sharing your knowledge To all who listen Proclaiming your hobby As dear to your heart Who knew you would turn sour Another love is shown By others on the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Writing the Opposite Sex by C.S. Boyack (THE ENHANCED LEAGUE NOW ON AMAZON!) #baseball #shortstories #scifi

(Today I have a special guest whose newest short story collection has just been released.  A few of these stories focus on female characters, so I asked him to talk about authors writing the opposite sex.  So, give a warm … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Making a Fictional Sport: Mouth Guard Not Included

Last year, I made a post about various sports and activities that can be done around Windemere.  From what I can tell, I never went into any advice or tips or comedy about how to design fictional sports.  One reason … Continue reading

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How Pete met Lizard: Happy Friends Children’s Book Series by Patricia Furstenberg #FREE #CHILDRENSBOOK #ASMSG

CLICK HERE TO GET FREE ON AMAZON! Blurb: This story will teach your child that something magical can happen when you try to see the best in every situation. You make new friends… and discover that clouds do taste like ice-cream! … Continue reading

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What’s Fun to Do in Windemere?

John W. Howell asked if there were any entertainment activities in Windemere aside from the eating and drinking places that the champions find.  There are plenty of things to do, but it’s hard to bring them into the stories.  Part … Continue reading

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