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Opening the Floor: Future Teasers and October

As I said yesterday, today is my son’s birthday party, which means I’m not going to be around until the late afternoon.  Well, what’s left of me will be back and we’ll see where things go from there.  I do … Continue reading

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Before the Return of Teaser Tuesday

So, I’m going to start doing teasers for Quest of the Brokenhearted next Tuesday, which leaves me with a day of nothing.  Another reason for not starting now is because this is the last full week of school and I need … Continue reading

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There Is a Sliver of Light in the Future

(Just introduced the kid to this song when it was on the radio. He doesn’t get it.) There’s a term I want to us for how this week, but it could be seen as crude.  All I can say is … Continue reading

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Probably Made More Progress Than I Realize

The above video shows a character that I just stumbled onto when I randomly picked ‘Magi: Labyrinth of Magic’ to watch this week.  The original choice was ‘Fate/Zero’, but I had a really bad anxiety attack on Sunday.  Watching an … Continue reading

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New Release: The Yak Guy Project by C.S. Boyack #asmsg #dystopian #bookboost

(Let’s have a round of applause and comments for special guest, C.S. Boyack!) Thanks for having me over today, Charles. You usually get a visit from Lisa, my assistant and spokesmodel, but today it’s me. There is a bit of … Continue reading

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Editing Done and Now On To Editing: The Horrific Time Loop

This was a week . . . That’s really all I’m willing to say for sure.  The plus side is that didn’t need a second hand to count my anxiety attacks this week.  Not sure what happened, but I was … Continue reading

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A Week of Re . . . Ha! Not With the Kid Around

I write this the night before while I listen to my wife realizing that I wasn’t lying about the munchkin being hyped up all day.  That’s been the theme of the week.  If he wasn’t playing with Legos throughout the … Continue reading

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