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Goal Post: The Weather Didn’t Help This Week

The lockdown, quarantine, stay-at-home orders, or whatever you want to call it is hard enough without crappy weather.  At least for me, I’d rather it be nice outside, so I can open a window or feel warm.  Take a step … Continue reading

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Let Dining Authors Dine

If sleeping is how you recharge when stationary then eating is how you get energy while on the move.  That may have made more sense in my head.  People have probably figured out that I do enjoy eating.  I talk … Continue reading

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Why Do Dawn Fangs Eat Food?

War of Nytefall: Rivalry has a bunch of celebrations and feasts.  That isn’t really a spoiler since I’m not say the who, why, and finale to those events.  Yet, it opens the door for a question that I’ve been asked a … Continue reading

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Paul’s Pizza Platter Plateau: The Soda Machine Is Working Now

Welcome to the Pizza Platter Plateau.  Hope the climb wasn’t too rough since we’ve had a few bandit issues lately.  They only take enough for a large pie and that’s if they can’t dumpster dive.  We had a security guard, … Continue reading

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Motivation of the Indie Author

An interesting question was asked about indie authors and motivation.  Without a boss of any kind, we make our own deadlines that are about as flexible as an overcooked noodle. It gets even harder when the person is a full-time … Continue reading

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Author Comforts: Snackage!

There really isn’t anything deep about this.  Each of us has a favored snack or food that we gravitate toward without thinking about it.  They’re that treat we love that brings mental and emotional comfort.  A food that we never … Continue reading

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The Culinary Experiment: Penne with Homemade Vodka Sauce Pizza

I don’t usually post things about what I’m eating.  So, why am I doing this?  Well, it’s because it’s more of a cooking post.  One of the first dishes I was taught to make by my friend Kevin was Penne … Continue reading

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Week of Swinging Pendulums Take 2

Last week was rough getting through the edits of The Compass Key and pushing all of the hype posts back a week.  Until I get the editing and cover art done, I’ll be doing the push and a day of … Continue reading

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Distracted Author at Lunch

Working like possessed Swearing to eat at noon Maybe some heated pizza Or step out for meatball sub Chinese is down the block There are soups within the cupboard Just need to finish this final line Paragraph Scene Chapter When … Continue reading

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Am I in the Wrong Country?

First, I have no idea how the Amazon list rankings work.  Bestiary hasn’t sold more than 10 copies overall and it’s 62 in its category.  This makes the confusion of Beginning of a Hero even worse: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #61,579 Paid … Continue reading

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