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The Four Horsemen of Writing: Procrastination

It’s tough being an author.  You don’t always find the time you would like to write your stories and most people see it as a hobby.  Ideas will turn on you too.  The amount of pitfalls can be daunting and … Continue reading

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Motivation of the Indie Author

An interesting question was asked about indie authors and motivation.  Without a boss of any kind, we make our own deadlines that are about as flexible as an overcooked noodle. It gets even harder when the person is a full-time … Continue reading

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Day 3 of Vacation

I might be extending this break until after the convention.  It might be a bad move to start writing the 5th book and then go off for a weekend where I can’t work on it.  Especially since the book starts … Continue reading

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The Aut . . . Oh, Look at the Kitty

I’m going to be an author Once I finish this next nap And my crossword puzzle Followed by a run Then dinner must be made Now I find I’m not in the mood So my shows will set me right … Continue reading

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