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So You Want to Be a Dawn Fang: Tips By Mab

Is that supposed to be me?  I’m not nearly that pale and that clunky necklace would get in the way when I’m stealing stuff.  That woman ever hear of a comb or brush?  Whatever, I’m in a mood because this … Continue reading

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7 Tips for Vampire Survival: Flossing Is a Given

Vampire society sure has a lot of rules and a lot of those tend to revolve around obeying the older ones.  They usually result in destruction if broken too, which doesn’t really help if you’re trying to survive the daily … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Fearing the Reunion

With it being Spring Break and me gearing up for the big release, I’m going with a few simple character introductions.  This week has the leader of the Vengeance Hounds getting his bio, so I figure I’ll put up a … Continue reading

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What Do You Miss About Being Human? (Cast of War of Nytefall)

As you get older, you start to miss things from your youth.  The same goes for immortals that can’t interact with human society.  So, I wondered what favorite things my vampires miss from their old lives. Clyde– The thrill of … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Cover Reveal! War of Nytefall: Loyalty!

I was going to wait until Sunday until a few things came to mind: This cover looks too awesome to not show right away. A cover reveal on Easter and Passover might go overlooked. Alison pointed out that debuting on … Continue reading

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Vampire Factions: The Gangs

Sitting between the nobility and common vampires are the gangs like the one that Clyde runs.  While his is more infamous, there are plenty around that exist for various reasons that typically boil down to survival.  Some go with crime … Continue reading

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How Far Can an Anti-Hero Go?

In War of Nytefall, I had to change mental gears because the Dawn Fangs aren’t exactly heroes.  They could be considered that by their own species, but they’re still fairly monstrous in that they kill and destroy a lot.  I considered … Continue reading

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