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Goal Post: At Least I’m Off the Antibiotics

Well, this week didn’t really go as planned.  Let’s get right to how last weekend had me asking God why I was being punished.  Sequence of events: I mentioned in comments that my car had issues, so I took it … Continue reading

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The Pain of Quarantine

Trapped Cut off from others To prevent the spread Yet not full blocked I hear voices Of those having fun Laughs of my child Who I must avoid Smells of food Forbidden until I heal Feel of wind and sun … Continue reading

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Songs About Being Sick

I still feel like overcooked crap that’s been run over by a bus.  Sleeping most of the day and the fever comes and goes.  Thankfully, it’s not going over 100 degrees this time.  Anyway, I thought I’d have some fun … Continue reading

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Insert Witty Title that . . . uh . . . Blech

How did this befall me? When I barely left the house Could I have caught it at the doctor? While my son remains untouched NyQuil will be my ally This sweating is a pain Throbbing headache Yet no body pain … Continue reading

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Self-Diagnosis: Fun for the Whole Family

I lie here in pain Counting down the hours Until I see a pro That does not stop the guessing From those beyond the door Torn muscle or a stone He’s faking it, I’m sure Spicy food he loves so … Continue reading

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