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Can Action Scenes Erode Writer’s Block?

(The above scene from ‘Into the Badlands’ is fairly violent.) This is another post suggestion by Chelsea Ann Owens, but it is one that I’m not sure I fully understand.  It was stated by someone that you can write a … Continue reading

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The Voices in My Head

Way back in October, I was a guest on Annette Rochelle Aben’s podcast called ‘Tell Me a Story‘.  During the fun and festivities, it was pointed out that I talk about my characters as if they can walk into a … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Trying to Get Back Into the Writing Saddle

Do you know when the last time I wrote anything new was? Raven’s Dawn in July. I don’t even know if I can truly count that since it was the finale of a blog story that I never had that much … Continue reading

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Fragile Muse

Our spirit of inspiration Gentle pixie on our shoulder With her ink-stained wings And body cloaked in paint Flitting on the edge of thought Heard just enough to guide our dreams Her power is at our cores Dwelling in our … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Chipping at the Writer’s Block

I’ve been holding off on this one because newer ideas kept showing up.  Yet I’ve seen a few posts this week about Writer’s Block.  The two words that frighten an author to the very ink in their veins.  By the way, … Continue reading

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My Albatross

First, I always liked the use of the term ‘Albatross’ ever since I heard it.  I think they’re beautiful birds and the metaphorical (is that right?) term is fun to use. I saw a lot of posts over the weekend … Continue reading

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