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The Voices in My Head

Way back in October, I was a guest on Annette Rochelle Aben’s podcast called ‘Tell Me a Story‘.  During the fun and festivities, it was pointed out that I talk about my characters as if they can walk into a … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Trying to Get Back Into the Writing Saddle

Do you know when the last time I wrote anything new was? Raven’s Dawn in July. I don’t even know if I can truly count that since it was the finale of a blog story that I never had that much … Continue reading

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Fragile Muse

Our spirit of inspiration Gentle pixie on our shoulder With her ink-stained wings And body cloaked in paint Flitting on the edge of thought Heard just enough to guide our dreams Her power is at our cores Dwelling in our … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Chipping at the Writer’s Block

I’ve been holding off on this one because newer ideas kept showing up.  Yet I’ve seen a few posts this week about Writer’s Block.  The two words that frighten an author to the very ink in their veins.  By the way, … Continue reading

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My Albatross

First, I always liked the use of the term ‘Albatross’ ever since I heard it.  I think they’re beautiful birds and the metaphorical (is that right?) term is fun to use. I saw a lot of posts over the weekend … Continue reading

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