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Returning the Favor in Fiction and Reality

I was watching anime with my son when I noticed that there was a theme that popped up a bunch.  Not in one episode, but in various series.  It isn’t one that I’ve ever considered or seen much about, so … Continue reading

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7 Ways to NOT Make a Stressed Person More Stressed Out

Here’s the thing.  People who are stressed out already know it.  They may even have an idea on how to relax, but something is blocking them.  Many know at least some of the sources of their stress.  With all of … Continue reading

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Coming In Late! (Depression and Anxiety Advise)

The picture might be crueler than I intend, but there are times when I feel that way.  So, I’ve been down a lot over the summer because of the stress.  Being exhausted means my thoughts get the best of me … Continue reading

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Limping Along

Up before dawn Cooking lunches and breakfasts For other stomachs No shower Until all others ready Hurrying through the act To rally all into the car Errands and chores Phone calls and texts Regardless of health and energy Getting slower … Continue reading

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Maintaining a Volunteer List: Been a Long Time Coming

You might be wondering why I would ask for volunteers now.  I mean, my last book just came out and the next one isn’t until April.  This isn’t for the Ichabod Brooks beta reading either since I’m still writing that. … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Chipping at the Writer’s Block

I’ve been holding off on this one because newer ideas kept showing up.  Yet I’ve seen a few posts this week about Writer’s Block.  The two words that frighten an author to the very ink in their veins.  By the way, … Continue reading

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How To Help Your Stay At Home Spouse?

You know, there’s a lot of memes and pictures out there for stay-at-home mothers and not much for stay-at-home dads.  This movie came up a lot, but I guess that’s how it works.  It would explain all the times I … Continue reading

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What Can You Do To Help Your Author?

I had goals before the storms hit.  Nothing major.  Write a chapter section or two.  Review an outline.  Hash out an idea or three.  Schedule some promos.  All within the realm of possibilities.  After all, a day of snow or … Continue reading

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A Big Thank You From Windemere

I saved this for the end of the day, so I could catch any posts that happened on the 31st.  I want to say a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who posted, reblogged, retweeted, allowed me to guest blog, … Continue reading

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The Great Hoarder

Surrounded by wealth And extravagance He sits in his castle Never needing But always wanting While his brethren Starve and scramble for life He has more wealth Than one man needs Earned through work And thought Yet more he gathers … Continue reading

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