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7 Tips to Having Characters Power Up

There are plenty of jokes about the powering up sequences in Dragon Ball Z.  Some took a few episodes because they opened the door for flashbacks.  Others occurred and it didn’t make a difference.  Still, there’s some use in having … Continue reading

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Can Action Scenes Erode Writer’s Block?

(The above scene from ‘Into the Badlands’ is fairly violent.) This is another post suggestion by Chelsea Ann Owens, but it is one that I’m not sure I fully understand.  It was stated by someone that you can write a … Continue reading

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When a Fictional Fight Gets Bloody

I recently finished writing a scene where two characters have their final showdown.  It’s a very brutal fight with broken bones, punctured organs, bleeding, and a wonder that both of them didn’t die.  The reason it came to this is … Continue reading

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Don’t ‘Black Knight’ Your Characters

One thing that drives me nuts is when I read a book or watch a movie/TV show and characters ignore injuries.  Running full-speed with a broken leg, bouncing around with busted ribs, and so many other mistakes that seem sloppy. … Continue reading

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