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Goal Post: Midweek Days Off are Strange

(Oops.  Set it for 8 PM.  At least I now get to add that I woke up this morning with severe lower back pain.  So much for the goals that depend on getting stuff done over the weekend.  Maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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Do I Even Want to Talk about This Week?

I keep starting and deleting this post, which might be partially caused by it being after 1 AM.  My hope is to finish writing War of Nytefall: Anarchy today and spend Sunday doing the outline for War of Nytefall: Eulogy.  The rest of … Continue reading

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End of Winter Break and Nearing the Start of a Debut!

First, I’m going to announce that War of Nytefall: Eradication is live tomorrow.  I’ll be honest.  It’s already live, but I’m doing the big proclamation tomorrow.  So, that’s something to look forward to.  On to the past and future . . . … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Yeah . . . Everything is Blurry

This is a week that felt like every day lasted a month and all of the events have become fairly blurry.  I remember looking into Masters programs and realizing that I need to take the GRE first.  Signed up for … Continue reading

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A 3-Day Weekend To Wri . . . Is It the Thought that Counts Here? (Big, Angry Rant Because I Think I’m About Done)

(This post started comically and with good humor, but then it took a big turn.  You’ll see why.) Last weekend was fun with the little guy around.  I managed to finish a chapter section that was in limbo last Saturday … Continue reading

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A Few Author Myths Debunked (I Hope)

This is coming late because I missed this day on the scheduling.  I think.  Anyway, I had a post I was going to do Sunday that I’ll do now.  It’s kind of a rant, but I’m sure people can relate … Continue reading

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Did I Even Have Goals This Week?

Grab a copy of THE LIFE & TIMES OF ICHABOD BROOKS! The new book is doing okay.  It has 3 reviews, but only sold 7 copies according to the Amazon reports.  The ranking is abysmal, but it looks like I’m … Continue reading

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A to Z Challenge

So, I’m considering joining the ‘A to Z Challenge’ in April.  Basically, you post every day (minus Sundays) while working through the alphabet.  Each post has to have a theme or connection to the letter of the day. I’m on … Continue reading

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100 Haiku for the Gamer’s Thumbs: 13-16

Where All the Mighty Will Fall The fate of all games After they have run their course Dropping to ten bucks* Fresh Face Upon the Gamer Coil All of us have been First time gamer in the room Before we … Continue reading

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Writing & Mood

I had planned to write about battles or a humorous post about how to become a published author.  Though, I still remember writing something like that second one before.  Might have been on writing process.  Here we have the problem … Continue reading

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