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The Importance of Reading

Damn right I grew up on this show. Seriously though, I have noticed that reading isn’t as popular or common as it once was.  I see many adults and students have trouble or show no interest.  Many people have told … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Talk about Talking

The original plan was for this to be a post about the different styles of dialogue.  I ran into a problem, which is that I really only know about how I do it.  Feels wrong to talk about the methods … Continue reading

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The Joy of Creating Words: Becoming a Shakespeare

I was going to talk about making words and phrases, but I realized that I haven’t done anything like that.  In fact, most people don’t or won’t notice until they are long gone because you need time to see what … Continue reading

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Fate of the World in Your Words

I came up with an interesting scenario and question last week, but didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.  To be totally fair, I’m setting this post up on October 30th and will probably do a test run … Continue reading

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Crossword Puzzles: Helping an Author’s Word Thingy . . . Vocabulary

My family is big on crossword puzzles.   There’s a table full of them in the bathroom, a pile of them on the dining room table, and a travel book in at least one of the suitcases.  Now I wasn’t into … Continue reading

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Senses in Writing: Seeing the Invisible Worlds

This week I’m talking about how to use and evoke senses within your story.  As usual, this is personal opinion formed from experiences. First, a very brief overview of the week’s topic.  If you can set off a reader’s senses … Continue reading

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Reasons for Writing (Poem Set 3)

Love of the Word You grew up with books Reveling in their worlds Both of Earth and beyond Nurtured by their ink Until adulthood Where you wish to share your joy And carry others beyond the page Follow in Footsteps … Continue reading

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Stick to Your Lie

Monday Poetry Prompt from We Drink Because We’re Poets. Up is up and down is down Unless you turn it all around I point to the sky Declaring it as left Up has been retired Right is front And down … Continue reading

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Not Work

I toil at the keys Checking site and spam Eyes straining As words fly to life Flowing from fingers To the blurring screen I take a break Switching to ink and lead Scrawling on dead trees Until my mind is … Continue reading

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