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One Step Forward, One Shove Back, Two Stumbles to the Side

Okay, I’m a little worn down here because my son’s martial arts class needed a third adult for the sword-fighting fun.  It was only 5 minutes, but I wasn’t ready.  Those kids are fast and relentless.  Not to mention short.  … Continue reading

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Putting the Pieces Together: Superhero Jigsaw

When I’m not in Windemere or the Shattered States, I’ve been tinkering with my superhero books.  Mostly, I made a list of the characters from that world and wondered if I should leave them in Windemere or return them to … Continue reading

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Steps to an Outline

A few weeks back somebody asked me to write about how I create outlines.  I sincerely apologize for forgetting who asked this and which post the comment was on.  I searched, but couldn’t find it.  (I sense a post-publishing edit … Continue reading

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The Outline: A Plotter’s Plan

I talk about having outlines and making plans before I write.  These act like a ‘baby draft’ and make the creation of a first draft smoother.  At least to me.  It’s this part of my writing system that makes me … Continue reading

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My Arsenal of Imagination

This is the pile or at least what happens when I gather all of my writings.  I think I missed a notebook or two also because I just noticed one poking out of the bookcase where I put it two … Continue reading

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