Project Phoenix Take Too Many to Count Part 2

DnD Phoenix

Here is part 2 for the post from LAST SUNDAY!

I was explaining this umbrella thing and got through two of the big titles as well as one of the obscure ones.  Most of these fall under being smaller too, so they could end up getting absorbed.  We’ll see what we have.

The Psi-Child

This is basically my X-Men side while ‘Project Phoenix’ is closer to Justice League and ‘Savior’ would be Batman/Spider-Man.  It’s based on a game that I played in college and people agreed to let me write stories off it.  The whole thing has changed too.  It used to be the characters protecting a school, but then I changed it to an orphanage and the dynamic became very different.

Basically, 5 superhumans are drawn to this area for various reasons and end up protecting it against villains.  They discover that there is a special child that a powerful being wants to control and this is the titular Psi-Child . . . A character that was played by the ex-wife, so we’ll see how this one goes.  Now, I was imagining it being a trilogy of short story collections with them getting used to each other in the first, getting deeper involved in the second, and then the big finale.  I can’t say much without revealing a lot, which I don’t know if it’s bad in this stage or not.  There’s a lot of relationship stuff and the other 5 have ghosts in their past that might be used for the second book.

Gearhead Princess

This is one of the potentially absorbed ones.  The Gearhead Princess is a woman who was previously lost in space and raised on a planet of computers before coming home.  I can’t do that here, so I was thinking of her being trapped in another dimension and coming back with Magi-Tech.  She uses a combat suit and has a giant robot to merge with if she needs major firepower.  She’s also the former wife of the hero who went mad, so she has a lot to do in ‘Project Phoenix’.

The reason I’m thinking of giving her a one-shot collection is because she does have a unique background.  I originally had it that she was sealed before the other heroes for a disaster and her absence is one of the reasons her husband went insane.  The stories would involve her facing those sins, but that could be done to some extent in the first two of ‘Project Phoenix’.  The second book has old villains showing up, so I wouldn’t have that happening again.  I worry about pushing this character too far with too little and having her be weakened for two collections.

Rose of the Damned

This one began as a Wild West thing where the hero was a young girl searching for 13 homonculi.  These are tiny creatures created by a caster, which was her mother who was eaten by them.  She was pregnant at the time, but she was old enough to live and be raised by a gunman.  Her goal is to capture her mother’s creations, which have been dormant until recently.  This ghostly villain has figured out that they can be combined to create a powerful body.  The girl named Rose teams up with a young man who can track magical constructs and a starting priestess.

Now, this does sound like it could be a good collection on its own and it doesn’t really fall under the superhero thing too well.  Then again, I was thinking of having her mother be a Mylrixian.  The curse that put all of them to sleep did the same to the homonculi and Rose was frozen too instead of reincarnated over and over again.  I was leaning towards making her a calico (cat person) and having her use a variety of wands to replace the guns, but keep a quickdraw type of thing.  Does this one have enough to stand alone?


This is a character who has gone from hero to villain to . . . limbo.  I like the idea of this girl being possessed by the spirits of 6 elemental/magical princesses.  They lost their bodies in an accident and their spirits are housed in a collection of items that the girl happens to come across.  She puts it on and is able to transform into all of them at once.  They’re talking and arguing in her head a lot too.  The Starlets are more interested in fame and getting attention than hero stuff, but there is a villain out there wanting to capture their power and another who is determined to finish the job.  I’ll have to look over my notes again to see if this character can hold her own collection together.

I’m leaning heavily towards adding the Starlets to the ‘New Generation’.  She could work out pretty well there.  So far, I really only have four characters in that class.  I eliminated two for personal reasons, which is a shame because one of those characters had a really good backstory.


No idea why I put them on here.  Seriously, this was something heavily inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion.  The area it takes place in is highly toxic with powerful beasts that are trying to eliminate all the people there.  To survive, the cities are protected by domes and traveling is done in suits.  The only way to combat the monsters is through a new type of magic where a child places their spirit into the empty vessel of a recently unearthed creature.  There are 5 of them and they are called chariots.  They’re goal is to wipe out the toxic beasts, but there is more to it . . . I think.  Keeping this in a contained region instead of global makes it tougher.  Still, it could work as a solitary, but I don’t know if it would connect to Project Phoenix now that I’m looking at it.


This is what I call the finale when all of the Mylrixian/Project Phoenix stuff comes down to a new hero.  The continent will be under the rule of various villains and the rest of Windemere will have it warded off to protect itself.  Yes, many will die prior and during this adventure because it is caused by what happens at the end of the main ‘Project Phoenix’ series.  So, it’s one collection that follows the mysterious boy named Serum who has the power to turn his blood into weapons.  Also shields, blood mist form, and it seems he has an unlimited supply.  He becomes the only one able to defeat the final villain.

OKAY!  Maybe I’ll leave ‘Child of the Hunt’ as its own thing.  I’m seeing how other series can fall under categories like ‘Windemere History’, ‘Organizations’, and ‘Lone Hero’ stuff when I step outside of the core things.  That means this is all I have for ‘Project Phoenix’ and I hope some of it works.  Maybe I’ll do another set of story overviews next Sunday if people are enjoying these.

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Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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6 Responses to Project Phoenix Take Too Many to Count Part 2

  1. All sounds fascinating, Charles.


  2. It all sounds fresh to me. In that genre, fresh is always good. Would unique and powerful blood be of interest to vampires?


  3. L. Marie says:

    You have such a vivid imagination! It’s fun to see where it takes you. Are there any that especially excite and motivate you to work on?


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