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Questions 3: The Runaway or Elusive Idea

I’ve spent the week writing tips and my own thoughts on how to handle a twisting idea.  I admit that it isn’t my area of expertise.  My character bios, plot summaries, outlines, and other world building write-ups put me in … Continue reading

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Pantser Vs Plotter: Where Do You Stand?

I was asked months ago to write about the difference between Pantsing and Plotting, which are considered the two schools of author prep.  The truth is that most people are a combination of the two with more of one than … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing Outlines

I can already see the pantsers running for the door.  Don’t worry.  I assure you that this is going to both informative and humorous.  Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to have an idea about how to outline.  There are times you … Continue reading

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Evolution of Quest of the Broken-Hearted

The biggest influence behind Quest of the Broken-Hearted was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  I liked the idea of an adventure taking place in a castle full of monsters that the hero is either trying to clear out or escape from.  … Continue reading

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The Balanced Hero: Brains + Guts = Survival

Betting those who visit my blog a lot saw this one coming because I usually end stuff like this talking about finding balance.  Just like in real life, your characters may naturally gravitate toward a middle ground.  They might be … Continue reading

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Steps to an Outline

A few weeks back somebody asked me to write about how I create outlines.  I sincerely apologize for forgetting who asked this and which post the comment was on.  I searched, but couldn’t find it.  (I sense a post-publishing edit … Continue reading

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Plan for the Best, Expect the Worst

I’ve had the above song in my head for a while and been waiting for a good post to use it with.  Then nothing seemed to be working out.  I did a poem based on it, which seemed good enough.  … Continue reading

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The Outline: A Plotter’s Plan

I talk about having outlines and making plans before I write.  These act like a ‘baby draft’ and make the creation of a first draft smoother.  At least to me.  It’s this part of my writing system that makes me … Continue reading

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A Week of Nada?

So ‘The Mercenary Prince’ is done and waiting for its turn on the editing block.  This is a book set to be released in December, which means I’ll be sending the March/April release to my editor.  Another week before I … Continue reading

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Back to the Grindstone with a New Nose

(WARNING: There will be a post later today that involves the blurbs of Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue.  It will be up from noon today until noon tomorrow before I have to take it down.  All feedback will be appreciated.  … Continue reading

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