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Bursts of Nostalgia

First, I’m not talking about the manipulation of nostalgia, which seems to be getting used all over the places.  This is more about you walking along or sitting at your desk.  Just going through the day or relaxing.  All of … Continue reading

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Cherish Their Childhoods

Gone in half a blink From needing nurturing To always out Rarely giving time Sequestered in their lair Like a cocooned larva * We rarely think ahead The humorous mourning Of our little ones advancement Weeping at milestones That grow … Continue reading

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Relics of Our Younger Days

We keep them Close or far away Some in the open Others packed and stored And a few that pass along Held by newer hands The remnants of our past Catalysts For old memories That get fainter by the year

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Questions 3: Right in the Childhood

We’re going to make this simple today.  Maybe I’ve been pulling too many late nights with the writing, which is not a bright idea.  You eventually cause yourself to reduce your daytime writing periods and throw your body off.  Then … Continue reading

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Remnants Left on the Web

Words waiting for their day Scheduled to save time May be the last one types What happens if I vanish? No more stories can be told And all my world goes still Though it would trudge along Posts and tweets … Continue reading

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Poem from the Vault: If This Was My Last Day

Long before I stepped onto WordPress, I did a personal challenge on Tumblr.  One poem a day for an entire year.  I’ve put some of them up throughout my time here, but I think I’m going to toss up more.  … Continue reading

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Old Toys

A favorite of childhood Brought on every trip Stitched whenever harmed Sharing in ice cream And gum that remains today Precious toy held in the night Until age takes the child away A token of youth Carried through the years … Continue reading

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Yesterday She Was

Written for the latest CSB Weekly Prompt. Yesterday she was smiling And laughing from her chair As I tried a magic show Yesterday she watched me Guardian of the cookies While my parents were away Yesterday she was telling tales … Continue reading

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To Hear that Song in My Heart

I played a lot of videogames in my youth and many of them were platformers and rpgs.  That’s not really important.  One thing that always struck me was the music in a lot of these games.  The video above is … Continue reading

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Piano Man by Billy Joel

I’ve always loved this song.  I think I really need it today.  I have no musical talent, but I always sway to the rhythm and occasionally sing it.  The best singing incident with this song was in college.  We were … Continue reading

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