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Questions 3: Using Amnesia in Fiction

Here we are at the end of a really odd weekly topic.  Maybe I stretched this out for too, but I don’t remember what started it.  Funny how such a complicated medical issue can be used so casually and ‘simply’ … Continue reading

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Does Amnesia Give You a Second Chance at Life?

I’m sure this has been examined in fiction before, but I haven’t seen it done a lot in the genres I favor.  So, I’m sorry if I’m totally wrong here.  Please feel free to say so in the comments. Amnesia … Continue reading

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Amnesia . . . I Forgot Why I Chose This Topic

I forgot what prompted me to choose this topic back in June.  I believe I watched a TV show where a character had amnesia at some point.  It brought up an odd question in my mind in regards to second … Continue reading

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Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue

A call weaving through the trees Tempting all who hear Urging them to wander Braving the misty forest Where only the road is safe The sleeper sings and cries Begging for release Trapped within dreams That may never end Until … Continue reading

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