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Poetry Day: Dust on the Road

(This is a small poem and I don’t know what made me write it.  Clearly, it’s about a person who used to be rich and is now fading away.  Maybe I was going for the fact that it doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Should Author’s Want a Legacy?

This is something that I seem to be at odds with when I bring it up with other authors.  I might just be explaining things wrong.  Then again, I might just have a different goal when it comes to my … Continue reading

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Reasons for Writing (Poem Set 1)

Fame Sweet taste of admiration As all eyes fall upon your work Setting your heart aflame Justifying your existence No longer a nameless wordsmith You have stepped from the shadows To claim your spotlight Fortune Clinking of coins in your … Continue reading

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From the Vault: Man of Verse or Volume

(This was written when I was considering turning Legends of Windemere into a poetry series.  Basically, telling the story through poems with each main character having their own style.  A poetic ‘Peter and the Wolf’ so to speak.) The great … Continue reading

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Fear of Death

Our feared companion Always by our side Driving humanity to greatness We attempt to thwart him Extending our breath To keep his scythe at bay A constant chill When we imagine our legacy Worried what we leave behind Will we … Continue reading

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Poem from the Vault: If This Was My Last Day

Long before I stepped onto WordPress, I did a personal challenge on Tumblr.  One poem a day for an entire year.  I’ve put some of them up throughout my time here, but I think I’m going to toss up more.  … Continue reading

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Character Interview: Vixen Callindor

Within the pages of Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies, you get to meet the Callindor family.  It wasn’t easy to choose who to pull for this interview.  Talos Callindor is a legend and trained his grandson Luke to … Continue reading

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Legacy of Dreams

I write of legends Kicking off the Age of Heroes Followed by one left behind Vampires rule the night Slumberlords and hero thieves A continent has been found War between the fallen ones While children hunt for long lost gods … Continue reading

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*Spoiler* “What the F*&^ Have You Done Lately?” (Warning: Cursing, Violence, and Gore in video. Rated-R)

First, I’d like to say that this is to no one in particular.  There is no intention to offend here. For those that don’t know, there is a movie called ‘Wanted’ starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman.  It’s … Continue reading

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