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Happy National Bugs Bunny Day!

I was going to do another animal post, but the week was looking kind of iffy.  Figured I would see if there was an interesting holiday.  My eyes went right to ‘National Bugs Bunny Day’.  I grew up watching Looney … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Dreamless Child

(I came up with this poem after seeing a couple get angry at their child wanting to be an artist.  They were furious and immediately crushed the concept.  After that, I noticed that the child didn’t even try to use … Continue reading

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Happy National Crayon Day!

The title says it all.  Happy National Crayon Day!  I’m sure most of us have some fond memories of these childhood treasures.  Now for the funnies from a Google Image Search.

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Poetry Day: Catching Snowflakes

(Only point I want to make is that I made sure my son was okay and warm before I wrote this poem.) The child can barely walk Toddler legs still growing Unable to find footing But strong enough to move … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Blankie

(Written about my son’s blankie.  It was a special gift for when he was born and it survived so much.  Now, it’s been retired to a box at his mom’s where it will stay safe.  I’m sure blankie will be … Continue reading

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Costumes of the Past

First of all, I always post this music video leading up to Halloween: I was thinking of adding more to this post, but I’ve done a bunch in the past and can’t think of any fresh Halloween songs.  Feel free … Continue reading

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Bursts of Nostalgia

First, I’m not talking about the manipulation of nostalgia, which seems to be getting used all over the places.  This is more about you walking along or sitting at your desk.  Just going through the day or relaxing.  All of … Continue reading

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Cherish Their Childhoods

Gone in half a blink From needing nurturing To always out Rarely giving time Sequestered in their lair Like a cocooned larva * We rarely think ahead The humorous mourning Of our little ones advancement Weeping at milestones That grow … Continue reading

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Relics of Our Younger Days

We keep them Close or far away Some in the open Others packed and stored And a few that pass along Held by newer hands The remnants of our past Catalysts For old memories That get fainter by the year

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Dreams of Hope and Fret

From days of cribs And bottled dining We are told about our dreams Hold them tight Pursue them fast Let them fly among the clouds They greet you in bed And linger in the morn Pleasant ghosts throughout the day … Continue reading

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